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Our Story :-)

We Know A Place exists because we realize the struggles that a family goes through when trying to find the best Elder Care options for their aging loved one. It is not that good care options don’t exist (because they do). Families just are not aware of all the choices available to them. So many times we see that a family gets overwhelmed first with all the different types of care, only to then learn that for each type of care there are hundreds if not thousands of facilities that offer that type of care. Each family has its own specific needs and budget and its our goal to help simplify the process and help you make the most informed decision as possible.

Why We Are Different:

We Know A Place offers a service that is far from new. In fact, a handful of referral and placement services operate across the country. What makes us different is that we started out focusing on our back yard (Southern California). This local approach allowed us to interact with our Care Partners on a very personal level. We are more than a referral service. In fact, each Care Partner is pre-screened and evaluated before they can join our network. We took this attention to detail approach and decided to broaden our reach to a national scope. Although we still have areas that we focus in and have the highest concentration of partners in our network. Here are a list of the areas with the most preferred parterns.

Where it all Started...

14111 Freeway Drive Ste. 300 Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Areas Of Focus

We have found that even as we have grown to nationwide coverage we still see that there are certain areas where we have developed the most relationships with providers, as well as have seen the most need from families. So from that we have crunched the numbers and found the areas where you as a We Know A Place customer have needed help, and Here they are ...

Furthermore, we will double check the license status of a facility and make sure there are no recent issues posted with the State of California before our families make a decision. Our job is to arm you as much information as possible about a facility or service so you can make an informed decision.

We do not endorse or promote one facility or service over another, but base on your family’s needs. Therefore we recommend a handful of companies that should meet your requirements. We cannot make the decision for you, but we can give you the information you need to make the best decision for your family.

Rest assured, we are more than just a referral service. Anybody can take your name and forward it on to a third party. We Know A Place does not operate this way. We search every avenue within our network to find solutions that fit with your family’s needs.

If you are ready to start your search for your loved one or you would like to inquire more about our services please contact us today. Our service is always free and there is never any obligation.

Our Commitment:

We Know A Place is committed to helping families find the best Senior Care for their loved ones. We realize how difficult it can be to find the right living arrangements. The Senior Care maze can feel overwhelming, confusing, stressful and time consuming. With so much information to absorb the family members can often find themselves in a cloud of confusion.

Our Senior Care Advisors at We Know A Place make every effort to educate and inform our families on what to expect in their search. It is definitely no picnic, but we offer help to make the process a lot less stressful. Our Senior Care Advisors will be their every step of the way until your loved one finds placement at the right facility or stays at home are receiving the proper care at home.

Since we offer a free service families have nothing to lose when they call on us . There is no obligation for any of our recommendations and no service charge for our time involvement. For those families outside our coverage area or simply lack the means for a private pay care solution, we will make every effort to refer them to the right agencies so they can continue their search.

We Know A Place follows the 3C philosophy. CARE, COMPASSION & CONSIDERATION. Our families will always have a Senior Care Advisor to guide them through the search process.

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