Assisted Living

Assisted Living commonly provides communal living which can be either a campus-like setting, a large house or possibly an apartment complex. A large number of Assisted Living Facilities typically can consist of 20 - 100 units which can range in size. Seniors may have the freedom they desire with the support and security from trained Assisted Living caregivers.

Assisted Living: A Senior Care Option

Facilities for Assisted Living may offer organized activities, assistance with day to day living activities, light housekeeping services, services for laundry, prepared meals, exercise programs, transportation, and wellness and education programs. Assisted Living offers opportunities to be able to socialize and interact with other Assisted Living residents. Most Assisted Living facilities offer assistance with eating, toileting, bathing, dressing, and medication management. Usually nurses are on staff; however nursing aides provide most of the care to the residents in Assisted Living. There also are Alzheimer’s Disease or memory care units contained in the assisted living home designed for seniors combating dementia or Alzheimer’s. An Assisted Living facility will offer additional care and services than an independent living center. Assisted Living makes an attempt to be more like apartment-style living rather than hospital-style.

If you or your loved one is enduring difficulty with the tasks of daily living, could require assistance sooner than later, or may have medical conditions that require specialized support and care, Assisted Living would be a great option for senior housing. A few noteworthy things to take into consideration while seeking Assisted Living is cost, location and do they provide your care needs. The payment plans and costs will vary, however, most require a flat-fee to join, and a recurring rate monthly after the costs to move in. As the care and support needs of the resident increase, so does the monthly rate.

Choosing Assisted Living

Custom Search Tool:

If you are at the beginning of your search, feel free to utilize the We Know A Place personalized Search Tool to help you narrow down your options specifically to the areas that you are searching as well as the type of care that you or your loved one needs. You will be given the opportunity to interact directly with the care homes in your area. This includes being able to send a direct message, as well as "favorite" certain homes for future reference, while comparing other options.

Once you've taken into consideration all Assisted Living choices, you will want to visit the facility multiple times, meet the staff, have a meal there, and be sure to meet a few of the residents. Getting acquainted with other residents' living experiences and lifestyle while at the Assisted Living facility will ensure you are making a wise choice. You'll want to view the menu of meals, the activity list or activity schedule, and the tenant's agreement or lease. The Assisted Living entrance paperwork should summarize the costs and services provided. While visiting the facility, look for call systems in the units, emergency exits, and be sure that staff is available during all hours of the day and night.

Here is a list of questions to ask the home when touring a facility, as well as a personal checklist of things to help you decide whether or not a care facility is right for you and your family. Feel free to take advantage of these downloadable PDFs for your convenience.

Before You Visit
Assisted Living Checklist Questions To Ask

Each Assisted Living facility is regulated by the state, not the government. This means there is normally can be a wide variation of what each facility may offer. Make certain that you learn as much as possible about the assisted living facility before signing anything and moving in. While you are looking for an Assisted Living Facility for yourself or a senior loved one, go along with and listen to your instincts. Be sure that you have acquired enough information. If not, make sure you gather more if you genuinely feel you must learn more about a particular facility. Then, in your heart, you will know when you're visiting with certainty if you can trust the assisted Living facility enough to care for you or a senior loved one.

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