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Assisted Living Communities are designed and meant to enable seniors to preserve the highest quality of independence possible at the same time having assistance with specific day-to-day tasks. Many Assisted Living Communities offer senior care in order to really produce a living setting for which seniors are capable of ‘aging in place.’

The Environment of Assisted Living Communities

The care options and services in Assisted Living Communities are able to be tailor-made to make certain that the current needs and appropriate care is available to every resident. In addition, escalating care needs in a certain area can be covered to guarantee uniformity in life style and optimal wellness.

Assisted Living Communities generally support anywhere from 50 and 150 residents. Having said that, this can vary depending upon on the size of the Assisted Living Communities. Every senior or couple resides in their personal apartment, 1 bedroom or at times 2 bedroom apartments and they can come and go as they please. Prepared food is offered typically in restaurant style eating areas. This motivates social interaction, and seniors can more often than not choose their meals from among quite a few assorted choices.

Several common areas of Assisted Living Communities often consist of an activities room, hair salon, movie theater, library, and a gym. Outside doors are usually unlocked during regular business-hours but guests are usually expected to check-in so as to preserve residents’ safety and security.

Care In Assisted Living Communities

Services available in Assisted Living Communities are generally available at varied levels. All seniors are evaluated by a medical professional just before moving in, which ascertains that their current care needs and requirements are supplied according to the Assisted Living Communities license from the state. Assisted Living Communities care costs are normally in addition to the recurring base-rate charged for the boarding, house cleaning services, routine maintenance, transportation and activities. Services in Assisted Living Communities typically consist of the following:

  • Administering Medicine - Medicines are retained, re-ordered and administered by the staff
  • Assistance with Bathing - This can vary from standby support (to ensure entry and exit bath safety) to complete help with hygiene/washing to drying.
  • Assistance Getting Dressed - This also can vary from standby (to ensure balance/safety) to helping decide appropriate clothing recommendations and physical assistance with putting clothes on and off.
  • Assistance Grooming - Can include support with combing/brushing hair, teeth brushing, shaving, etc.
  • Restroom Help - May provide standby support (moving safely to the toilet, on and off), sanitation after going to the bathroom and unexpected accidents, reminders, and help with incontinence solutions.
  • Assistance Getting Around - Can include stand-by help with transferring from chair/bed to wheelchair/walker, escorting to/from activities, meals, etc.
  • Extra services - This might include personal laundering (washing of towels, sheets and blankets is supplied in weekly house cleaning services), pet care, interacting with visitors, guests and family members, arranging health related appointments and more.
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