Assisted Living Facility

An Assisted Living Facility is a type senior living and care of residence for seniors who may require assistance with handling various common day-to-day activities of living. Some of these daily activities an Assisted Living Facility may assist with are meal preparation, dressing and bathing, doing light housekeeping and laundry, or administering and monitoring medication. Compared to a traditional nursing home, an Assisted Living Facility is for seniors who may just need a little help and aid and more of a basic level of monitored care but otherwise are free from serious mental or health concerns and serious mobility issues.

What Services Are Provided in an Assisted Living Facility?

Unlike an Assisted Living Facility, nursing homes are generally for disabled or elderly individuals with chronic or serious conditions who require constant extensive health care from specially trained medical staff. Seniors in an Assisted Living Facility can preserve an active way of life while their loved ones can relax knowing that a well-trained and caring staff member is available should the senior need any assistance. An Assisted Living Facility in many cases may resemble a typical apartment building, complex or community. Most of the residents live in single-units where personnel can come by every day to assist them with activities such as getting dressed and bathing. Staff members are available around the clock to respond to any risen crisis and to take care of the residents’ cares and needs.

The environment in an Assisted Living Facility is generally relaxed when it comes to activities. Prepared meals are provided although routinely there aren't any set times of dining and residents can often times choose what and where they want to eat. In an assisted Living Facility, recreational activities such as fitness classes, group activities or movie nights are scheduled on a routine basis. An Assisted Living Facility can also provide methods of transport for residents to and from doctor appointments, outings and shopping nearby.

How Much Will an Assisted Living Facility Cost?

The expense of an Assisted Living Facility will fluctuate significantly according to location, size of the unit, number and quality of services provided. Most of the time, seniors or their family members must shell out the monthly cost of living in an Assisted Living Facility. Despite the fact that some Assisted Living Facilities offer financial assistance programs, currently Medicaid and Medicare currently do not cover the costs of this type of care. Also bear in mind that a very few number of facilities in some states are authorized to incorporate Medicaid waivers to assist families with the cost.

An Assisted Living Facility can be a wonderful solution for seniors who don't need the full care services of a nursing home and they offer a more affordable approach to senior living and senior care. Another added benefit is that they also in turn permit seniors to lower the expenditure and hassle of owning and taking care of a home.

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