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If you are looking into all available Elder Care options available for your loved one, you might find that the routine visits to their doctor aren't giving you the answers you may need, and you might be contemplating a visit to a geriatric care specialist. Though you're probably already balancing different medications, doctors and specialists, you may believe that including yet another doctor to the bunch will complicate matters, but the contrary is true. When many elements are taking part in your aging father or mother's care, a geriatric care specialist also known as a geriatrician, can be quite helpful. An experienced geriatric care specialist can synchronize the work of healthcare providers and other specialists which may include home health aides, social workers, and even nurses.

Finding the Right Elder Care

We Know A Place removes the elements of stress and confusion by walking you through the entire process of finding a care facility with professionalism and ease – every step of the way. Our care advisors are available by phone to assist you with comparing the options available in your area, as well as negotiate with those care providers to find the perfect match for you, your loved one and your family. Here are a few tools to help you along the way. Below are two free downloadable PDF files. One is an Assisted Living Checklist to help you better understand what to look for in an assisted living facility. The other is a list of questions to ask the home when you’re doing the actual tour of a facility.

Before You Visit
Assisted Living Checklist Questions To Ask

To further assist you, We Know A Place offers a custom search tool that allows you to not only search for elder care options on your own, but it refines your options based on where you are and what specific type of care you are looking for.

Geriatric Care Specialists and Elder Care

A geriatric care specialist is a medical professional who has finished a residency in Family or Internal Medicine, with one to two years of additional training within the social, psychological and medical fields to manage common issues among the elderly. Thus, specializing in Elder Care. Elder Care is an ever growing industry as the amount of our nation's elderly population increases, so does the necessity for Elder Care services.

An Elder Care specialist who possess additional experience and training in diagnosing, assessing and treating the issues which are particularly common among aging seniors. Seniors typically react to disease and illness differently than younger people. Elder Care specialists are capable of managing multiple disease symptoms, treating older patients, and developing care plans that cover the unique Elder Care needs and services a senior might need. On top of that, seniors may suffer from complex chronic medical problems, including psychological, physical and social issues. Elder Care specialists are experienced at identifying and addressing these sorts of conditions. Elder Care specialists also usually have the extra sensibility to assist in maintaining high levels of functioning and well-being for seniors.

Case Managers and Elder Care

Often times Elder Care specialists can provide Case Managers, an beneficial resource for loved ones living with chronic illnesses. You can become easily stressed-out with the demands of the illness and with the all the "red tape" involved in social services and medical care networks. Elder Care Case Managers familiar with Elder Care services must have an essential understanding of the special requirements or needs of the senior. Their expertise can be extremely helpful for them if you find a negative change with your loved one's psychological or physical state. If this occurs, an Elder Care specialist may re-evaluate the senior's needs, which may become necessary in following instances:

  • If the senior loses the ability to process information
  • If there is a change in caregiver situations or support network
  • If the finances and family and resources is no longer able to keep up with the costs
  • If issues with safety arise which may put the senior at greater risk

Every Elder Care circumstance is distinct and it is significant when you might be in search of Elder Care services. In order to consider all the senior care option there are, keep an open mind as there are many possible resources that are available. The larger the number of options you have to choose from, the simpler you'll find it to prioritize exactly what and when its needed. This will ensure that you will feel comfortable in locating the proper Elder Care option for your loved one.

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