Nursing Home

Typically a Nursing Home is considered a full care facility. Meaning that there is care staff available for assistance and care 24/7 365, as well as medical staff. If you loved one is no longer able to take care of themselves and needs medical care at hand then a Nursing Home is probably the right choice.

Nursing Homes Explained

There are three different types of nursing home facilities.

  • Intermediate Care Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Skilled Nusring Facilities

Each one of these types of Nursing Home facilies offer a different level of care.

Intermediate Care Facility

Typically an intermidate care facility will offer less intesive care than a hospital or skilled nursing facility. People who would be candidates for a intermidate care facility would be those who are disabled, elderly, or not acutely ill. As the name suggests this is often times a temporary care facility. One example in which an elder loved one would need a intermediate care facility would be after a fall and a subsequent surgery. Typically Intermediate Care facilites are paid for by private insurance or out of the patients personal money.

Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facilities are a form of Nursing Home that provide non 24 hour care. These types of care facilities are typically focused on those people who can live somewhat independently, but are still in need of general care throughout the day. These Nursing Homes promote the elders ability to still maintain a portion of their independence and pride while assisting in their day to day care..

Skilled Nursing Facility

A Skilled Nursing facility is a home that has been certified to accept Medicare. This type of facility has proven they meet certain requirements that congress has set in order to ensure the level of care being provided for the money that is being contributed by either Medicare or Medicaid.

Nursing Home Compare

One of the recent changes in Nursing Homes and how they are compared is moving from a more institutional or hospital feel over to a more resident focused approach. Many of us have either experienced or had a friend or family member that has experienced the overly "hospital" feeling nursing home facility, and the negativity that can surround them. Now we have the option of more contemporary board and care homes. These Nursing Homes are typically a normal single family residence in a residential neighborhood. They have all the makeup of a normal home: Kitchen, Bedrooms, Family room, back yard, but the bed rooms have been set up for caregiving. The goal with these "modern" Nursing Homes is so a resident can feel at home instead of hospitalized.

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