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Finding Senior Housing for your loved one can be one of the most difficult times in your life, and comes with so many questions.

What are your loved ones needs, what are your budget restrictions, can I trust the Senior Housing Provider? Well we're here to help, and answer any and all questions you have during this difficult time.

Senior Housing

Helping you find Senior Housing for a loved one is one of our primary focuses as a company. We have collected a long list of Senior Housing providers from around the nation and make it all accessible for free for people searching for Senior Housing. The process of searching for a senior housing care provider can seem overwhelming. Its something you probably haven't planned for, but is unfortunately thrust upon you when your loved one either has an accident or just has reached a point where they can't care for themselves anymore. Our Senior Housing Specialists will go over all of the needs of your loved one and match you up with a care provider that they feel will be the best fit for your loved one.

Now if you just want to see what homes are in your area and maybe stop by yourself feel free to use our site to get information on the homes and even get directions so you can stop by and check the home out for yourself. You can go to the senior housing search page by clicking this link or by filling out the form above.

We also have a few resources that we offer our customers that we think are very helpful. We create easy to read infographics covering a myriad of topics related to Senior Housing. You can view and download most of these by checking out our Blog. If you have any other questions, or you would just like to talk to one of our senior housing care advisors to get some advice please don't hesitate to call. You can reach us at 800-500-7522. For a quick glimpse at what we do, feel free to take a look at our What We Do infographic, here.

Senior Housing Search

When you start your Search for Senior Housing there are a few things to consider. The best place to begin your search process is by using the We Know A Place search tool, which helps you filter through the senior care and assisted living options in your area and narrows down those options based on the type of care that your seniors needs and how long they'll need it. You'll also be able to communicate with those care homes directly through this search tool, in order to ask any questions you may have about their facility as well as determine whether or not they are a good match.

Some common starting questions when looking for senior housing may be:

  • What are the specific needs of my loved one.
  • What Budget do I have for their care.
  • Are there any government programs that can help with my loved ones Senior Housing
  • How close do I need the home to be.

We've put together a personalized checklist for your own reference when considering your assisted living options. This checklist is printable and free, so that you may have it with you whenever you need it. It includes things to be aware of such as whether or not the facility was clean, whether or not your senior will have his or her own private room and/or bathroom, does the care facility offer the level of care that your loved one needs?

Included, you’ll find a separate checklist for the 2nd part of the search process. Once you have brought your decision down to a few different care home options, you’ll find that the Questions to Ask the Home checklist would be a great help as well.

Before You Visit
Assisted Living Checklist Questions To Ask

Once you have these questions answered you will be better prepared to answer questions that naturally come up during the search for Senior Housing. There are many different Senior Housing facilities that specialize in different types of care. Some can provide memory care for our loved ones with Alzheimer's while others cannot. Some will be able to take care of those who are no longer mobile and some will not. Also some will accept Medicade/Medicare and others will not. So make sure you assess your loved ones needs and you'll have a good start on the search process.

For more insight on what we do, take a look at this helpful infographic!

[What We Do infographic ]

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